Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On The Road: Lynchburg to New Orleans

22 October 2012

Our journey from Lynchburg was slow to start - traffic lights, traffic and low speed limits. But luckily, once we hit the main road it was smooth sailing.

We pass fields and fields of cotton - the dirty dark brown of the stalks, and the lightest, fluffiest white, stretching out for miles, wrapping around trees, rolling over gentle hills.

The smell of fibreglass suddenly catches in the air-conditioning vents. We must be passing some kind of factory. It reminds me of my dad, and our garage back in Parkview where he'd repair his canoe. Even when there were no canoes to repair, that garage still smelt like fibreglass, years after.

We eat sandwiches in the car, and each use our downtime to sit on the internet - closer and closer now we get, more work to be done.

The last bit of the journey takes us across Lake Ponchartrain, and we drive across one of the longest bridges in the world. The water is flat, spread out in all directions. The sun has started to descend in the sky, and hits the water at such an angle that it skittles off for miles around.

It sure does make for quite a welcome into the city.


Dill said...

What are these 'traffic lights'? Do you mean 'robots'? ;-)

Reaching Robyn said...

Teehee. Trying to assimilate here ok :)

Reaching Robyn said...

Teehee. Trying to assimilate here ok :)