Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Missed

OK, so the last couple of weeks were crazy. St Jean De Luz, Salema, Barcelona and then Paris. All in two weeks. Pack, unpack, pack. New rooms, new beds, Husband and I tripping over each other to get it all done. Plane trips, train trips, buses and taxis. Days and days of sightseeing, sore feet, tired legs and sleepy bodies. Oh, and enough eating to last a lifetime.

You might as well not go to Europe, there's no food left there, we ate all of it.

So here's a bit of catch-up. I've had to post back a few spots to keep up. I've just put up one on our day spent in Gaudi-Town. Can you say awe-inspiring?

I'm also in the process of doing a review piece on each place we've been to - just so you know where we stayed, where we ate and what we did. For the future tourist in you.

Here is Barcelona in Review.

There'll be one coming at you soon about Paris. But speaking of Paris, here is the story of one particular night we spent there.

And a special treat for a Sunday, my first ever guest post from the ever Ameezing Camilla.

My favourite bit so far? Barcelona by night.

Stay tuned: coming up this week - pics from Portugal, another Tuesday {Past Explorations}, and Paris in Review.

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