Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

There was this one time (well, more than one time, quite a few times really, maybe 8 or 9 times) when we went to Mozambique. One short (long) car drive away and you’re in paradise. The roads are made of sand, the days stretch on for ever, and it is hot. The kind of hot that you hide from all day in the shade. The kind of hot that burns the underside of your feet as you walk across the beach. The kind of hot that leaves you salty from sweat. The kind of hot that calls for bikinis, sun block, and a long time spent in the ocean. Luckily there’s a lot of ocean going around.

All our trips blur into one…delicious melt-in-the-mouth fresh-from-the-oven hot Portuguese rolls, calm blue sea, fiery sunsets that’ll sink slowly into your heart and memory. Sandy green rolling hills, crumbling bombed-out Portuguese architecture, and the ever near threat – don’t wander too far off the road.

We’ve been diving with dolphins, paddled across to the islands, convoyed back through the game reserve. We’ve been camping, and lodging and hotel-ing (I’m abusing the English language here, I know). One day those hot sticky beaches will have me back. One day I’ll eat those Portuguese rolls again, and the most enviable seafood platters. One day Mozambique will have me back.

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lucille said...

Good memories, Robyn. Planning to have my 60th in Moz.