Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Rough Edge of Paris

Paris was big and majestic. A bit cold and industrial. Grand. I don't know. I wasn't convinced at first. Having just spent three days in the very quaint, very romantic, very 'close' Barcelona, it was strange to meet these wide wide streets and to face the angular lines and shapes, after the very gentle persuasive curves of the previous city.

I'm not saying I didn't like it, I'm just saying it took a little bit longer for me to warm up to it, and mostly I warmed up to at night, when the lights came on, and the whole city came to life. Suddenly it wasn't just tourists, suddenly there were Parisians, lovers and musicians. Suddenly this harsh open city become dainty and unique and warm.

It was quite a juxtaposition. A different place from day to night. But dusk has always been my favourite time of day. The ending of one, and into another. The cool relief. The promise of twinkling lights. The quietening down, just to start whirring up again. You can't beat that feeling.

Our first night in Paris we were tired from traveling. We were hungry and ate pizza close to the hotel room, and then slipped back inside before it was even really dark. Our second night, we ate heavenly food and wondered around the Notre Dame. And our third night included a visit to the sex district and the Sacre Couer. By then I was all warmed up by Paris, and just as enchanted as all those movies promised.

I might just need to go back for a little more.

Where is your favourite place in Paris?

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lucille davie said...

I like Paris too, and also need more time in it. We also visited the red light district, feeling a bit naughty when we did. It was fun. mom