Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Night in Paris

Got your attention? We spent three nights in Paris altogether, but this one was especially special.

We found out about Terroir Parisien in the in-flight magazine. Strange but true. The review was just so enticing that it convinced us to go there for one of our meals. Luckily we were not disappointed. This meal could hold it's own against the best meal I've ever eaten.

I ate the 'salmon froid a la Parisienne' or cooked salmon served cold on a bed of vegetable jelly and condiments. It was light and easy and the flavors mixed delicately. Husband went for the 'poire de beouf aux herbes, tourte feuilletee de pommes de terre' or piece of beef steak and herbs with a puff pastry potato pie. It was exquisite. 

By encouraging the waiters to slow down and not rush our ordering (they're very eager in Europe to get you seated and eating and done - even the food makes it to your table within a few minutes of ordering), but we wanted a nice long dinner so only ordered one course at a time, and drank a lot of wine in between.

After dinner we wandered across the bridge of love-locks, and onto the Notre Dame. The whole area was alive with performers, lovers and tourists. It was magical. The Notre Dame was guarded by endless stone gargoyles, each more ferocious than the last. But you can see why - that building is truly incredible. 

We then wandered the streets until we could not walk any longer. We hailed a taxi, one who played us amazing jazz all the way home. The characters of this journey are what have made this more interesting day by day.


lillie bliss said...

Oh! So beautiful it makes my heart ache! I am so in love with Paris, it really will be my ever-lasting love. Look how beautiful and Parisienne you look dear Robyn, a vision <3

lucille said...

You have really captured Paris, Robyn, in pix and words!