Monday, August 13, 2012

Aren't Siblings Just The Best?

This guy.

This interesting interesting guy. This intellectual. This carer. This giver. This guy who I miss the most when I'm far from home. This guy who I know will be next to me no matter what, no matter how crazy things get, no matter how topsy-turvy things are. This guy who I can phone in tears, and he will always stay calm and sane and straight, and put me the right way up again. This guy who gives very good hugs, and has the best smile ever. This guy who has been with me since forever, but has only been my friend for four years now. I'm sorry we missed out on being friends for the twenty-one years before that, but at least we were siblings then.

This guy is one of the best guys I know. And he is my guy, my brother, my friend. I'm just the luckiest.

Aren't siblings just the best?


Anonymous said...

Hey, a blog post about me!! Whoop Whoop!!

joeljanse said...

cousin Dillon, He is awesome! :)

Reaching Robyn said...

Teehee, yip Dill, a blogpost about you. Glad you love it.

lucille said...

what lovely, lovely things to say about your dear brother!!