Friday, July 20, 2012

{Design Days}

Looking for a little inspiration? Here's a few of the things that have me clicking, and clicking and clicking, all around the web.

More please!

1. A dream home. I love this design - the simple whites offset with the beautiful bright bold patterns. I could live in this space.
[Photos via Linda Bergroth, Dream House first seen on designlovefest's blog]

2. This website always has beautiful, and affordable, art. I love their section of prints from Paris.

3. This blogpost on Cup Of Jo outlines the five best shoes for traveling. Though I can't quite agree with all of them (especially the moccasins - I'm not a fan), I really like this idea. Add a pair of heels and you'd have the perfect 6 pairs of shoes to travel with (which is certainly better than the 8 pairs I'm currently traveling with!). Oh, and those pumps - based on this recent article - are questionable.

Oh, fashion.
[Photos from Google]

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