Monday, July 16, 2012

Here we go...

This morning, early, we emerged through the darkness of the streets of London. A serene taxi, a car-sick-inducing bus, an airport at 5am. We faced it all this morning, and it was far too early to deal with any of it. The queues at the airport were depressing, winding lanes of people, waiting waiting waiting.

The tuna sandwich on the other side saved my life. Thickly sliced brown wholewheat, chunky mixed tuna mayo and a bit of greens. Sleeping on the plane, drifting in and out of consciousness, head drooping and lifting.

Land. No customs! Bag collections right in arrivals, and a smiling aunt and uncle to fetch us. It made it all worth while.

And now we are in sunshiny France. France with its beautiful language, cobbled streets and gastronomical heaven. We visited a market, unpacked our bags, lunched on the balcony, and are off to the beach later today. After the last four crazy days in London, it finally feels like we're on holiday.

PS A little catch up if you've just joined: jump back to five weeks ago when the planning for this started, and when we left, just under a week ago.

[Photos from Husband's iPhone]

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