Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday {Past Explorations}

With just under four weeks to go the anticipation is growing. I can't help but look back at places previously explored - contracts in the East, family holidays across the world, and of course, road trips and plane rides to some of our favourite places in South Africa.

I'm going to post a few every Tuesday.

First up, Mozambique. A little trip, without which, our lives would probably be completely different now. It served to rekindle a fire, to relight a flame that we thought had been blown out forever. Thankfully, we were wrong.

Next up, a family holiday in the bush. In the African bush that I'm going to miss so much. It was almost this time last year that 21 of us gathered together at Tshukudu, for an absolutely amazing game farm experience. We woke up early every morning to walk with leopards, baby lions, carakals and bush pigs, and then spent the rest of the day snuggling up knitting, playing board games and going on bush drives. And eating lots. It was just what you want from a winter bush family holiday.

Another family holiday, but now in the mountains, and in summer. This past Christmas we gathered in the Underburg for our family celebration. There were lots of cows, lots of beautiful sights to see, and even more delicious food to eat. Yum.

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