Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion. Frenzy. Fun.

Sunday morning. Who really wants to get out of bed? We didn't. Not for a good long time. But there was this feeling...this gnawing, nagging feeling. Accompanied by a million friends' facebook status' blagging about the awesome time they were having at 'Market on Main'. FOMO struck. Plus the feeling that it was in my diary, and can the diary be refused? Really.

We dragged ourselves up, into the shower, and out the door. And what a wonderful time we had. Besides from arriving a tad late and missing a bit of the fun (and therefore developing a wierd tic because of FOMO), and getting a little lost in the blur of brand new experiences, we still managed to grab some food, peruse the stores, and sit in the grassy area around Canteen. We even found a mini-staircase to sit on to really get into our boerie rolls. Deeelish.

Sjoeg, it was fun. And obviously the place to be seen on a Sunday. *All* the trendy kids were a rent-a-crowd of trendy kids from Cape Town (hehe, thanks James). Next Sunday we'll be back, a little earlier, to spend a little more time looking at the super pretty clothes, and buying the organic veggies.

After finishing our drinks while admiring the view from the Arts on Main balcony, we took a little stroll down to Main Street Life. And gosh, is it looking pretty down there or what? That roof promises some serious parties. Any day now...

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