Friday, January 28, 2011

Boyfriends and Dead Grannies.

Some guys are the best. And mine is pretty close to being just darn amazing. Especially when he went for a treasure hunt at his dead gran's house. OK, it sounds pretty morbid, but it happens. His gran passed away last year, and it was a very sad event. But once all the memorials and funerals and family lunches and services have passed, and the gruesome task of dividing up the remaining assets has all been dealt with, it comes down to the nitty gritty, like who gets the pressure cooker, the TV, and the ceramic crocodile.

So, he spent a morning with his family at his gran's house, making lists and dividing up the mementos and objects that make up a person's life, just as we had done with my gran a few years before.

My memory is mostly of one Christmas, when we gathered with a few relatives, and the four females (my mom, aunt, myself and my cousin) each had a turn to choose a piece of jewellery. We went around the circle until all was spent, and each walked away with a little hoard of sometimes beautiful, sometimes broken, sometimes valuable, sometimes not, jewels. No matter the value to us, they had all once meant something to my gran.

And just today I found my own treasured jewellery collection, that I'd stopped wearing, and had packed away as I'd exited my teens. Sometimes things are good to pack away, and bring out later. I'd missed these treasured pieces.

But anyway, I've diverted. We were talking about Wonderboy. He returned from aforementioned treasure hunt with many treasures for me. Being a great lover of all things vintage, I covert gorgeous grabs from the olden days. And I was treated to the greatest - silky silken scarfs, minature clutch bags, and gemmed necklaces. Bliss.

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